Powder Burn Rate Chart. The Powder Burn Rate Chart is a Reference Tool for the Approximate Burn Rates of Canister and OEM Powders. This is the most comprehensive Burn Rate Chart on the web, and includes powders which may or may not be available to the US OEM or Consumer Market.


Lapua or Win: 2950+ fps: Jerry Tierney Palma Load (Charge varies with lot) Hodgdon Varget: 47.0: CCI BR2: Berger 155: Lapua: 2900+ fps: John Whidden Palma Load: Alliant Reloader 15: 44.0: CCI BR2: Hornady 168 A-Max: Lapua: 2700 fps: Very Accurate, 1/4 moa to 400 yards. 2.875″ COAL. Alliant Reloader 15: 42.0: F210m: 168 SMK: Fed: 2600 fps: Sierra’s Accuracy Load Savage 12VSS: IMR 4064: 43.5

Tia, Don smokeless powder burning rate chart All of the following information was taken from Sierra Rifle Reloading Manual, 4th Edition and Vihtavuori 1996 reloading guide. The following powders are listed by their approximate burning rate, from "fastest" to "slowest". Still, each such chart tells "the truth". Ranking differences result from use of different criteria. For example, a certain powder type can act slightly quicker than some other powder type, when used in 308 Winchester loads; however, when these powders are used in 7x64 loads, evident burning rates might reverse. Relative burning rate charts can Let’s start with the 100 series.

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MRP is close to the original H4831. Download Chart as PDF. Slowest Fastest . . . Burn rate Chart 1) Norma R-1 2) Winchester WAALite 3) Vihtavuori N310 4) Accurate Nitro 100 5) Alliant e3 6) Hodgdon Titewad 7) Ramshot Competition No, by burn rate charts, US 869 is second slowest powder made. Here's a chart, http://hodgdon.com/burn-rate.html http://www.reloadbench.com/burn.html This is from Lapua, match the burn rates, http://www.lapua.com/en/products/reloading/vihtavuori-reloading-data/relodata/5/86 2021-04-01 · Table A Powder burn rate chart. Last Updated on Thu, 01 Apr 2021 | Ballistics.

The shorter 250 gr GB488 Scenar (red graph) retains its stability better than longer 300 gr GB528 Scenar (blue graph), but reaches the transonic region a little earlier than the ballistically better 300 gr bullet.

Much like reloading manuals, burn rate charts are just a loose guide, since burn rate is affected by a particular cartridge case's capacity. If you have two powders that are close in general burn rate characteristics, one might be faster burning in say a 308 Win. case, for instance, than the other, but be slower that the other in another particular cartridge case.

Each 2-Die Set includes a full length sizer die has an expander-decapping unit to remove the spent primer while expanding the case mouth. Vent holes prevent case damage caused by trapped air or excessive lubricant.

Lapua burn rate chart

Feb 1, 2018 Basics of powder burn rates and useage Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet Casting. I don't feel that it is a good idea to use burn rate charts to select a powder. There are too many Lapua and Western do this. A

Lapua burn rate chart

Different powder burn rate charts often have the same powders in different orders . such as the .338 Lapua Magnum and the .30-378 Weatherby Magnums.

Lapua ammunition is known as some of the best ammo in the world. Our main products are cartridges and components for sport, hunting and professional use. Jan 21, 2013 .338 Lapua: HS Precision HTR, 250gr BTHP, long range paper punching/hunting . Powders I'd probably start by printing off a burn rate chart. Using a powder comparison burn rate chart is a useful indication of other propellants that are ranked close to the current brand you are currently using. This free  Feb 1, 2018 Basics of powder burn rates and useage Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet Casting.
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show blocks helper Showing all 3 results Yea I thought that the burn rate chart could be used to pick another powder by going one up or one down. I didn't work out for me so who ever told you that was right. I once looked at the go to powders for 308Win several of the favorites were miles apart on the burn rate chart. I don't know what to make of it. A Burndown Chart is used to visualize the work remaining in the time available for a Sprint..

You can also add the following to this list, Alliant RL-16-3800, Alliant RL-23-3770, Alliant RL-26-3905, Norma 217-3660, And there is approx 50+ other powders missing from this list.
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burning rates: N530: Burning rate close to N135. Especially for .223 Remington. Excellent also for .45-70 Government. N540: Burning rate like N140. Especially for .308 Win-chester. N550: Burning rate like N150. Especially for .308 Win-chester and .30-06 Springfield. N560: Burning rate like N160. Especially for .270 Win-chester and 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser.